Creating Perfectly Optimised Pages for Local Businesses [Case Study]

This blog gives an overview of on-page SEO practices and how they can help boost website visibility and rankings. So, we’re going to walk you through the process Local Lead Booster uses to optimise pages for local businesses and help our clients improve their online presence. Our methods rely on using Page Optimizer Pro, which is a highly effective on-page SEO tool that allows web marketers to create perfectly optimised pages with ease. 

We’re going to discuss three case studies where we used Page Optimizer Pro (POP) in our SEO campaigns to illustrate how it works and the results that can be achieved with it.  

Why on-page SEO is important for local businesses 

On-page SEO encompasses all the methods and strategies used to optimise individual web pages in order to improve rankings and get more website traffic. Some of the key factors influencing on-page SEO include high-quality content, images, and HTML tags (title, meta, and header). 

Statistics reveal that:

  • 36% of SEO experts agree that out of all the elements Google takes into consideration when ranking a site, the title tag is one of the most important. 
  • 72% of marketers believe that relevant content creation is the most effective SEO tactic to consider when building a SEO-friendly website. 

On page SEO benefits 

Local businesses can benefit a lot from implementing proper on-page SEO practices. First of all, on-page SEO allows businesses to have more control over the elements that influence Google rankings. Since these elements are in your own hands, you can easily optimise them to improve online visibility for your local business and boost rankings.

Also, on-page SEO supports your off-page SEO strategy by increasing its chances of success. Focusing on off-page SEO techniques while having a terrible website that lacks quality content and doesn’t work properly will lead you nowhere.   

Apart from that, on-page SEO is an on-going process that helps you keep up with Google’s changing algorithms and employ the best SEO practices to achieve your local business objectives. 

The bottom line is that if you want to make it easier for search engines to discover your site, understand what it’s about and reach top positions in SERP, on-page SEO is a must.  

How we create perfectly optimised pages

At Local Lead Booster we build our on-page SEO strategy by focusing on the most important ranking factors in Google’s algorithm. By targeting the elements that Google takes into account to determine a website’s ranking on search results, we are able to develop effective on-page SEO strategies and help local businesses improve their overall online presence. 

It’s no secret that Google’s algorithms update constantly in order to provide users with the best experience possible. There are numerous changing variables to consider when building a SEO strategy and it can be difficult to determine which factors weigh the most in the grand scheme of things, so many SEO experts are left in the dark. 

As Google and other search engines get smarter, we as SEO professionals have to get smarter with them, and that’s exactly why we choose to use Page Optimizer Pro to build our on-page SEO strategies. POP is one of the best SEO tools one can use to evaluate individual web pages and implement the right SEO tactics that will lead to better rankings. In the following sections of this blog, we’re going to expand on the topic and demonstrate how POP works and the results it can bring. 

Why we use Page Optimizer Pro 

As we mentioned above, POP is a SEO tool that makes on-page SEO optimization infinitely easier for marketers and SEO specialists. 

There are several reasons why we chose POP over other SEO tools available on the market:

  • It was developed after extensive SEO testing – there are more than 400 scientific tests to prove its effectiveness and accuracy.
  • It takes the guesswork out of on-page SEO by using a US patented ranking factor scoring system that allows you to identify the most important elements to optimise on your page for more traffic and better rankings.   
  • It’s simple to use and it delivers fast results. 

How we use it to optimise existing pages

This is the exact video tutorial we watched, and followed to get the results we got.

The results we get 

Next, we’re going to talk about the results we get with Page Optimizer Pro by providing a few relevant examples.

Using Page Optimizer Pro on three auto repair websites we were able to achieve top 10 rankings with 100% on-page SEO. What we did was optimise 5 to 10 pages on each of the three websites, including the home page, by applying the POP recommendations on all pages. Here’s a detailed analysis of each website’s evolution. 

Website #1 

Main keyword: Auto repair Scarborough

Search volume: 210 

Secondary keywords: 

  • Mechanic Scarborough
  • Auto Shop Scarborough
  • Auto Mechanic Scarborough

With an optimisation score of 42.2 at the beginning of the campaign, there was clearly a lot of room for improvement and a quick win to focus on straight away.

Once the optimisation was complete, the main keyword almost instantly jumped up to position 7 in SERP rankings. 

The second highest searched keyword “Mechanic Scarborough”, which is one of our main variations to “auto repair”, has slowly been grinding higher and is now sitting at position 5. 

Also, by optimising for variations and secondary keywords we have increased their rankings as well.

  • Traffic has increased by 145%
  • Positions Ranking #1 to 3 have increased by 33% 
  • Positions Ranking #4 to 10 have increased by 183%
  • Positions Ranking #11 to 100 increased by 88%

Website #2

Main keyword: Mechanic Mississauga 

Search volume: 420

Secondary keywords: 

  • Auto Shop Mississauga
  • Auto Mechanic Mississauga

Once we finished optimising the page, the main keyword jumped from position 26 to the second position in just 4 months.

Also, by optimising for variations and secondary keywords we have increased their rankings as well.

  • Traffic has increased by 125%
  • Positions Ranking #1 to 3 have increased by 75% 
  • Positions Ranking #4 to 10 have increased by 68%
  • Positions Ranking #11 to 100 increased by 90%

Website #3

Main keyword: Auto repair North York

Search volume: 210 

Secondary keywords: 

  • Mechanic North York
  • Auto Shop North York
  • Auto Mechanic North York

After we completed the on-page optimization process, the main keyword from position 106 to position 4.

We achieved similar results for the secondary keywords that went from position 123 to position 7.

  • Traffic has increased by 200% 
  • Positions Ranking #1 to 3 have increased by 70% 
  • Positions Ranking #4 to 10 have increased by 500%
  • Positions Ranking #11 to 100 increased by 512%

Final thoughts

On-page SEO is an absolute must for every local business looking to improve its online visibility and boost website rankings in SERP. While on-page and off-page SEO target different elements, both are crucial for the success of a SEO campaign. On-page SEO is usually regarded as the foundation on which you can develop your off-page SEO strategy, so they both work together to help you improve search engine rankings for your local business website.  

Considering that search engine algorithms are not static, it’s important to stay up to date with all the changes and be able to identify the factors that weigh the most in establishing a site’s ranking. That way you can focus on the elements that truly matter when optimising your pages and make sure your on-page SEO strategy is efficient