SEO Case Study: Niche Lighting Website

Will From Festoon Lighting Sydney was one of the first movers in the niche lighting industry and was one of the only suppliers for several years. Due to being in early, he had cemented himself as the go-to source for weddings, events, and permanent installations of festoon lights. As competitors have popped up over the years Will decided it may be a good idea to continue with several 3 month SEO sprints to keep his site far ahead of the competition and maintain the top spot as Sydney’s #1 Festoon Light Supplier. 

Client: Event Lighting Installation
Campaign: SEO
Budget: $1,700
Start Date: June 2019
Duration: 2 x 3 Month Sprints over 1.5 years

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Organic Traffic: +320% Increase in Traffic

Will’s website was in fairly good condition when Local Lead Booster took on the campaign, however there were several small issues that were holding the site back. 

Website Issues

  • Mixed content issue, the https://  and http:// versions of the site were both indexing
  • Thin content on several pages
  • Low domain authority 
  • Onpage SEO 

By fixing up the issues described above we saw 

  • Site traffic: +320% Increase
  • Keywords positioned #1-3: +350% increase
  • Keywords positioned #4-10: +500% increase 
Author: Tom