About us

Quality, results, personal customer service and transparency are at the core of Local Lead Booster. Our remote team based in Aus, Europe & US strive to tick those 4 boxes in every single campaign month over month.

When you choose us to scale your business through our digital marketing services you can 100% know we stand by that. We will always be honest and transparent about your campaign from start to finish, and you will be updated on the results.

A Message from the owner

Plumbers, Electricians & all the trades in between, I can help you boost your website visibility in your local area, and be the #1 choice for the services you offer.

I love working with tradies on a personal level to help grow their businesses through local SEO.

The disconnect between most business owners and technology is significant, especially in trades.

I get it… You are a specialist in the service you offer and don’t have time to upskill or learn about SEO, Google Maps, Google Ads, Website Management etc.

That’s where I come in.

I’m obsessed with digital marketing, so much so that I travel the world attending conferences to learn from the best to get better results for our clients and our own projects.

In 2017 I founded the SEO agency Local Lead Booster; we are the lean no-bullsh*t agency you can trust.

> Only work with 12 clients
> Completly hands of for the clients
> Work on every client’s website as if it’s our own
> Offer personalised service that can’t be done at scale
> Do sustainable work that will last forever
> Get results, & if we don’t, we’ll work for free

If you have worked with SEO agencies and been through the wringer a few times, don’t worry… It’s common; most of our clients have as well.

I guarantee we are different.

Here is what Adam had to say:

“After trying no less than 5 other agencies, I can finally say I have found one. The reasons are Value for money, complete transparency, in-depth monthly reporting, high-quality work and the fact that I trust that Tom and the team will do the right thing by us.”

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Tom Richards

Director & Lead SEO

Our values

Results driven

Local Lead Booster are a results driven agency that track, measure and manage campaigns with precise accuracy. 


Quality is at the for front of everything we do. From the people we employ, to services we provide and the results we get.

Always improving

We commit to continuously improving not only our clients businesses but in every aspect of our lives.

Always Learning

Local Lead Booster are always learning and we are up to date on the latest Google Algorithm and digital marketing trends.


Theres not need to over complicate goals, objectives and tasks we revert back to the fundamentals and move forward.

Seeking Balance

We seek balance in digital marketing campaigns so they stand the test of time, we also seek balance in work and life.


We have a small lean team that delivers great results on a personal level. We simply can’t do that at scale.

This also allows the team to grow their own projects and spend more time on R&D, testing and networking with other SEO professionals to get better results all round.

By working with a select number of clients that we know we can get results for we are comfortable guaranteeing a 20% increase in phone calls.

If we don’t increase your phone calls by 20% in 6 months we will work for free until we do. 

We are a 100% remote company with no fixed location. Our team members are based all out of the world from Australia, Spain to the US. 

By having no fixed office space we keep overheads low to pass the savings onto you. 

Depending on your campaign budget we will through in additional deliverables for FREE that will help your campaign along. 

Some of these include: 

  • Analytics Setup 
  • Marketing Dashboard Setup 
  • Google Ads Setup 
  • Monthly Google My Business Posting
  • XX amount of content per month
  • XX amount of backlinks per month

While every campaign is different we cannot give you an exact amount. Industry and target location plays a big factor in the pricing of SEO. Book a call to find out exactly how much the investment is for your business.

Short answer: it depends. 

There are several key factors that change the time a website takes to rank before it starts to generate leads, but at the core they are:

Website & Google My Business age

Google doesn’t trust new websites.. A website that has been live and had content on it for several months to years is much easier to get going than a brand-new domain.

How much time or money you want to invest

By far the biggest variable on how long an SEO take is either how much time your willing to spend on your website or how much money you want to invest to have someone else do the work.

What we see with our clients: 
When SEO is done right you should be generating new within 6 months of a focused SEO campaign. However, If your website is aged and your are eager to invest in content & backlinks at a consistent rate it may only take 1 to 3 months.